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Doing What Google Wants

We are one of the only providers that offer 100% custom content tailored to your dealership. Google loves unique content and we do too.

Optimizing for Actual Business

We focus on rankings because you have to be found. However, getting seen by relevant shoppers and getting the click through are two different things. We are the only provider that solves both problems.

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SEO Means

DigiGo SEO Strategy

Getting high-quality traffic is more important than bulk. Our optimization strategy is broken down into 4 high-level steps.

  1. Concept Optimized Website Content – We write unique content to cast a wide net for many variations of keywords. We never overstuff keywords or duplicate content from one site to another.
  2. Write Strong Organic Ad Copy – We write and optimize your Titles and Meta descriptions just for your dealership focused on your unique selling propositions so you get the click.
  3. Analyze Rankings, Click-Through-Rates and Traffic Data – We analyze data against your competitors to help improve rankings, click-through-rates and relevant low funnel traffic.
  4. Landing Page Optimization – We optimize and test landing pages for high conversions. Our websites consistently produce double-digit conversion rates.

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DigiGo SEO Strategy


Feature Managed Elite Description Benefit
Power VDPs X X We combine the cleanest SEO code in the industry and proprietary technology that provides unique title tags and URLs for each similar in-stock model. Unique title tags and URLs are used to market vehicles in multiple cities which no other vendor provides. Provides the ability to advertise inventory on organic search listings in multiple market areas. No other vendor has this technology.
KPI Reporting X X We provide daily, weekly, or monthly reports on SEO campaign performance. KPI reporting includes website trends and keyword trends. Gives DigiGo and the client the ability to measure, monitor, and manage campaign performance, which allows for constant improvement.
Custom Content and Meta Data Set-Up X X We use the data collected from the client to write 100% unique content and Meta data in order to separate the client from their competition. Gives Google unique content, which is what Google wants. Unique content will have more authority in search. 90%+ of the competitors have duplicate content so it is easier to out-rank them.
Optimize Google Webmaster Tools Quarterly Monthly We use Google Webmaster Tools to help our team see the client’s website the way Google sees it. We use the data to confirm the XML site map is operation properly, demote site links where applicable, resolve HTML errors, resolve server errors, and remove any noticeable bad links. Ensures that the website is healthy and efficient from Google’s perspective. A healthy and efficient website will have more authority in search.
Continuous Keyword Discovery Quarterly Monthly We use keyword tools to discover what keywords searchers are using to reach the client’s site. We optimize for those keywords to rank higher in the SERPs. Continuous discovery provides constant data on what shoppers are searching for and how to attract them to the client’s website. Most vendors set it and forget it, losing the ability to consistently drive new traffic and conversions to the website.
Custom Organic Ad Copywriting Quarterly Monthly We write unique organic ad copy for each webpage that we create. This allows our client’s web pages to stand out in organic search results with unique selling propositions. Improves CTR by writing unique ads for each organic listing that will stand out from the competition. More clicks = more traffic = more conversions.
Competitor Analysis Quarterly Monthly We analyze and monitor competing websites to understand what keywords the competition is focused on and what they’re doing to optimize their pages. We also look at useful data about the competitors related to links and traffic. This allows our clients to find new keywords that could drive relevant traffic and better optimize keywords to out-rank the competition. Provides intel into what keywords competitors are targeting and how they’re optimizing their pages for these keywords. This gives us important data to use against them for purposes of taking market-share.
Consultation and Editorial Planning Quarterly Monthly We provide this hour long consultation meeting to discuss campaign progress and plan for future work. The goal is to tie the client’s ad planning into the SEO so we can support existing advertising and to ensure there’s a clear message across all channels. Ties SEO efforts into the client’s marketing plan to make sure their message is consistent across all channels. It also makes sure our goals are aligned with the client to produce optimum results.
Custom Content Creation with Google+ Authorship Quarterly Monthly We create up to 4 new web pages per quarter on managed and up to 4 new web pages per month on elite accounts. The content is focused on the goals discussed during the consultation and editorial planning sessions. We will set up and use Google+ authorship where applicable so that the pages stand out from the competition. Adds content to the site every month, which expands the number of keywords in search. Google authorship provides increased visibility and higher CTR.
Landing Page Optimization Monthly We optimize each landing page with a unique call-to-action depending on what we want the visitor to do. Optimization includes text, image, and button placement based on experience and testing. Makes the webpage more appealing to target audience, thus improving the ability to convert traffic into leads.
Links and Social Signals Monthly We use links and social signals to promote web pages on the client’s website. In many cases, we will use them to give visibility and authority to our custom content and Google+ authorship pages. Links and social signals improve search rankings better than any other aspect of SEO.
Positive and Negative Review Monitoring Daily We set up the client with our DigiGo review monitoring software that automatically sends out positive and negative reviews every day from all the major review sites including Google, Yelp, DealerRater, Edmunds, Foursquare, Citysearch, Insiderpages, Yahoo, YellowPages, MerchantCircle and Allows a client to keep up-to-date on what’s being said about them across all major review sites in one convenient location.