Patric Timmermans’ AutoCon 2012 Presentation Will Help Dealers Identify Marketing Metrics That Matter Monday, August 13rd, 2012

Patric Timmermans, VP of Marketing at KPAMost dealers are familiar with the saying, “In order to manage something, you must measure it.” That’s certainly true for digital marketing activities, where monitoring ROI is critical. But what numbers should you focus on?

Based on years of personal experience, Patric will show you how to track metrics without “getting lost in the weeds.” One of the biggest challenges in automotive Internet marketing is the overload of reports, signals and analytics, which often obscure the success or failure of your dealership’s marketing initiatives.

Patric will be presenting at AutoCon 2012 on September 8. His topic will be, “Focus on What Matters – How to Simplify Analytics to See the Numbers that Make a Difference.” In the meantime, you can learn more about Patric on LinkedIn.

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