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Four Part Series on Establishing Facebook Marketing Goals Sunday, February 17th, 2013

Four Part Series on Establishing Facebook Marketing Goals

There may be nothing more important in Facebook marketing than establishing the right goals. Most car dealers are not having as much success on Facebook as they could because they aren’t strategically defining what they want to accomplish. You might have a general goal in mind of branding, driving traffic, or simply having a social media presence, but if you set the right goals up front, allow these goals to drive your strategy, and then execute on the strategies, your chances of success go up tremendously.

The difference between a good Facebook presence and a great one is night in day when you compare the results.

In a series of blog posts that our Director of New Media, JD Rucker, posted on his social media blog, he goes into great detail about the different types of goals that you can set as well as some strategy ideas on how to make them happen.

  1. Define Your Facebook Goals Before Determining a Strategy
  2. Facebook Marketing Goals: The Safe Approach
  3. Facebook Marketing Goals: The Aggressive Approach
  4. Facebook Marketing Goals: More Aggressive Approaches

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