Taking Social Media to the Next Level and Beyond at the Automotive Boot Camp

Taking Social Media to the Next Level and Beyond at the Automotive Boot Camp Saturday, March 30th, 2013

Taking Social Media to the Next Level and Beyond at the Automotive Boot Camp

It’s cheese steaks and education May 14-16 in Philadelpha as the good folks at First Class Educators are putting on their 4th annual Automotive Boot Camp. This is going to be one a bit different for us as I get to do something I’ve been dying to do for a long time – talk advanced social media marketing with the attendees.

Since the first boot camp in 2009, I’ve focused on social media as my educational niche. Search and social have always been my strengths in marketing and social media has been in a long “introductory” stage until very recently. Most dealers have been involved with social media in one way or another but having it has been important for me to cover the basics when doing these speaking engagements. For the first time at a boot camp, I’ll be taking it up several notches. Dealers know they need to be on Facebook. This time, we’re going to go into great detail about the advanced techniques that companies are using outside of the automotive industry to drive local foot traffic, website traffic, and real engagement.

This is no longer a popularity contest. It never really was but few really understood this point. There have always been growth techniques with varying degrees of success (as well as varying degrees of actual usefulness) but it has always been hard to prove the ROI of the efforts. The reason for this: there really wasn’t any. Some may think it’s sad, others may find it funny, but the vast majority of strategies, products, and services being offered to dealers today do not provide a true return on investment. It’s implied. It’s assumed. Technically, it’s not even real.

That’s not to say that ROI cannot be achieved. In fact, we’ll be discussing several things during my workshop we’ve been able to prove to have tangible returns for dealerships. It’s not just a branding play. It’s not all about exposure to the dealerships’ names. It’s about getting people to act upon social media promotions in a way that makes them come to the dealership, visit the website, and start or continue along the path to buying a car and/or getting service done at the dealership.

More information is coming. I’ve contacted the folks at First Class Educators for more information, so keep this post bookmarked and stay tuned for an update. We’ll see you in Philadelphia!

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