A DigiGo website is a complete Internet marketing solution. Built with the most aggressive automotive SEO in the industry, and specifically developed for maximizing lead generation, a custom dealer website from DigiGo translates to more sales for your business.

Why DigiGo Websites?

We expand your reach better than anyone else.

Our Power VDPs allow you to market your inventory across multiple cities on organic search. This technology is not available anywhere but DigiGo.

You will have advanced inventory flexibility.

Our inventory allows you to group, sort, price, and route leads anyway you want.    

Our SEO is unmatched in the industry.  

You will have access to one of the only SEO products with custom content and organic ad optimization. Couple this with our Power VDPs and you’ll have a site that will crush your competition.    

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With more consumers using mobile as a way to shop dealers, all DigiGo websites are built with mobile in mind. Our mobile solution gives consumers powerful engagement methods optimized for whichever device they choose. DigiGo utilizes mobile GPS technology to steer customers straight to your dealership. Like all DigiGo websites, our mobile sites are optimized for SEO so that you dominate search results, regardless of which device your consumer uses.

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DigiGo understands that your inventory is the lifeline for your dealership. Managing and displaying inventory quickly and easily is paramount, which is why DigiGo’s all-new inventory system is designed with high engagement and ease-of-use in mind. Easily see which models are generating the most views and leads. Fast-loading vehicle images that are mobile-friendly help make sure consumers find what they need...instantly. If you demand top-level performance and reporting from your website provider, then DigiGo Inventory is for you.

Power VDPs with Dynamic SEO
Take back Google listings from 3rd party lead providers with Power VDPs.

Better Conversion Rates
Convert more shoppers with simple and intuitive calls to action.

Complete Flexibility
Group, sort, price, and publish any way you want.

Automated Incentives & Rebates
Never update your incentives and rebates again.

Near Real-Time Updates
Update your inventory and have it on your site in minutes.

Send to Phone
Shoppers send your VDPs direct to their phone.

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Our Regional Incentives modules allow a dealer to promote incentives on both Power Indexed Inventory and Incentives pages. The powerful plug-in displays all available incentives, including popular factory programs such as first-time buyer, owner loyalty cash and college student programs.

Live Chat

Our Live Chat grabs the attention of Internet shoppers. Sites with live chat move 25% more visitors to live conversations than those without the service.

Credit App

The built-in Credit App allows your buyers to get approved before they even walk onto the lot. Consumers are able to break down their loan amounts and choose a car that fits into their budget online. Once they walk into the showroom, all you have to do is close the deal.


We provide a professional video for every car on your lot, allowing buyers to explore their potential purchase digitally. Fast-loading vehicle images that are mobile-friendly help make sure consumers are engaged with your inventory.

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